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Yoga from the Heart

​​​Six Week Beginner Series

We will take the first 5 weeks to break down the postures used during a flow class.  We will work with pranayama (breath), asana (postures) and alignment for safety.

Week 1 - Breath, Child's Pose, Table, Cat/Cow

Week 2 - Breath, Mountain Pose, Forward Fold, Down Dog

Week 3 - Breath, Warrior 1,2 & 3

Week 4 - Breath, Balance Postures

Week 5 - Breath, Seated Postures and Twists

Week 6 - One Hour Flow class using breath and postures covered in first five weeks.

Do you want to learn specific posture alignment, safe ways to do postures and how to play your edge?

We will:

* Teach safety of alignment

* Break postures down so that you will be able to feel strong and confident in the posture

* Teach breathing techniques and connect breath to movement

* Hold space so that each student feels their practice come alive

Who will benefit from this beginner series?

•The person new to yoga and uncomfortable with a flow class

•The person with an established practice who wants to break the postures down to understand them better

•Any one who is interested in learning about themselves and yoga

The next Beginner Six Week Series is:

Saturday, November 7th through December 12th, 2020 

Time: 10:00AM - 11:15AM 

Cost: $75