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The literal translation of the word chakra is wheel. The human body has hundreds of charkas, spinning wheels of energy, that are constantly moving, opening and closing in synchronicity with our thoughts, actions, and belief patterns. When a chakra is closed or not open to its full potential we may feel stuck, closed off, or disconnected to certain areas of our lives. When a charka is too open we may feel overwhelmed, depleted, or like we are giving too much of ourselves and our energy away. When the chakras are open and in alignment, we will begin to feel peace and fulfillment in our lives. Standing in our power, knowing our self-worth, and intuitively living our lives in harmony with the divine order of things.

There are 7 main charkas that relate to our physical and emotional bodies that we connect to on a daily basis that relate to security, creativity, self-esteem, love, truthfulness, intuition, and spiritual insight. The practice of yoga is a powerful tool for realigning and balancing the chakras, helping to keep your life flowing smoothly with steadiness and ease. Drumming is also a powerful tool for opening the chakras as its strong earth-based vibrational qualities help us ground and connect to the universal life force energy flowing all around us.

Grant Ellerbeck - Grant is a life-long musician specializing in West African and Afro Cuban styles of drumming. He has been a student of West African masters Famoudou Konate, Namory Keita, Nansady Keita, Billy Konate and local artist-performer Dave Kobrenski, and is a current student of West African master Sayon Camara, based in Woodstock Vt. As the leader Araba-lon, the New-Hampshire based musical troupe, Grant is dedicated to honoring the traditional music of West Africa by offering performances at local farmers' markets, arts markets and a variety of multi-cultural dance events and celebrations. The Araba-lon group also accompanies Sayon Camara during his local residencies and performances. A recent evening of playing with an ensemble performing Kirtan, and an invitation to accompany a morning class at Yoga From the Heart has opened yet another direction for expression and collaboration.

Chakra Balancing Yoga and Drumming All Levels Flow Class

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