Date: Friday, October 20th, 2023

Time: 5:30pm to 7:00pm

​​Cost: $30

Place: Yoga From the Heart • 52 Canal St • Laconia, NH

Fearless Flow Yoga with Karen Kenney is rooted in the compassion and wisdom of Kripalu Yoga and is spiritually inspired by KK’s impassioned style of teaching - which reflects her years as a certified yoga teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Life Coach, Integrative Change Worker, and Hypnotist.

This 90-minute class invites you to show up for yourself in an honest, open-minded and open-hearted way. It offers plenty of energy, enthusiasm and encouragement as you’re guided to pay attention, listen within, and allow yourself to be curious, creative, and courageous in the self-expression of your practice. 

Through conscious breathing, mindful movement and longer held postures, you’ll explore the dynamic balance, brilliance and beauty between multifaceted states of strength and softness, stability and flexibility, fixed and flow, work and rest. 

This class brings together the science, the somatic and the sacred art of yoga. It's an opportunity for you to connect more deeply and genuinely with your true Self, Source and Spirit. Come enjoy the playfulness of movement, the possibility of transformation, and the power of choosing Love over fear. This is your chance to learn, discover and grow, as you experience even more fun, flow and freedom! 

​Fearless Flow Yoga with Karen Kenney