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Yoga Basics - Six Week Series

This will be an ongoing 6 Week Series.

Who will love this series:

  • If you have taken the Beginner Series and would like another series class to review what you have learned in class setting.
  • If you have had some yoga and would like a refresher.
  • If you prefer a series class instead of dropping in to other classes on the schedule.


Balance and peacefulness result from attention to breath as we move through physical "asana" yoga practice.  The basic postures introduced in Beginning Yoga will serve as our foundation for each class sequence.  We will focus on the basics of a yoga practice that works for each individual.  Whether you are a first timer, been practicing at home, or want the next step from the Beginner Series this class will center on slow movement with plenty of instruction but also leave space for breath and body awareness.  Props will be available and suggested to assist in each student's practice.

Yoga Basics - Six Week Series is:

Tuesdays - September 19 - September 24

Time: 6:30 - 7:30PM