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Yoga & Writing are powerful and transformative side-kicks. Spiritual and creative soulmates designed to help us access the truth of who we are and then express that truth in an authentic way.

In this workshop, the unique power of yoga will prepare you for the profound experience of the Gateless Writing Method, so you can step into the Fearless Flow™ of your creative life, tap into the limitless possibility, approach your process with curiosity and write the stories you’re destined to tell.

We know that Yoga helps us to quiet the mind and when we silence the parts of our brains associated with criticism – our Writing, our art, and even our lives can reach new heights and depths that totally expand with creative brilliance.

Combining yoga with this love-centered approach to writing, you’ll learn to:

• Quiet the inner critic so you can create without fear
• Discover your own innate talent and genius
• Understand the exceptional connection between yoga and free-flowing creativity
• Learn to become a better listener both during and after the workshop
• Prepare yourself to become a receptive vessel for Divine Inspiration.

When sharing with the group, no critiquing or judgment of your writing will be given, just positive comments that shine a light on what we LOVED about the work, where the energy and power lies and where the writing is strongest & brightest. Together, we consciously create a safe container of communication and trust so that your work can find momentum and enthusiasm. No tearing down is ever allowed – we only generously build each other up!

You don’t have to “identify” as a writer to come to this Workshop. It’s open to word lovers & creatives of any kind: writers, poets, authors, journalists, “journalers”, teachers, singers, songwriters, musicians, painters, dancers, speakers, entrepreneurs, or (fill in the blank).

TIME: 10:00AM – 5:00PM
COST: $150.

To learn more about Karen Kenney visit her website. 

Yoga & Writing: Creating Fearless Flow with Karen Kenney